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MAGNETIC FLYWHEEL GENSET - A Non Fuel Electric Generator. Using magnetic & flywheel to produce up to 1 Megawatts electricity


CPM EUROPE - CPM Europe is a leading supplier of process equipment and technology for the animal feed, biomass, oilseed and a lot of other industries.


AIRBORNE VIRUS BUSTER - High Desity Negative ion Generator - Protection for indor activity against Virus, Bacteria, Germs & Fungi.


WEB ANALYTIC - Distributor agent of Web Communication Analytic Platform provides a cross-source / cross format single point of access to ALL data to enable enterprise-wide investigation, management and analysis.


MIGHTY ONE MAN BAND - Mighty One Man band - A musician who play instruments does, maximizing the use of the body limbs and brain capacity (and with heart & soul) to manually play many musical instruments simultaneously all by himself!.


HIDDEN PARADISE JAKARTA - A secret getaway trough the nature. A perfect outdoor event venue for any ocassion. Located in south of jakarta Indonesia.


MUSIC TEMPLE - Music School - Music Lessons for All Humanity. 


KLINIK PRESIDEN - Medical Clinic 


KONEKTHING BENDA PINTAR - We deliver future & next generation computing with smart home.


INTICON UNIVERSAL AKSES - provides tailored services focusing on clients' specific demands in international and domestic markets


SALTBALI - Beach wear, apparel & accesories. 


KEDAI ONG'S - Outdoor Caffee with fresh outdoor atmosphere


URIP MULYO INDONESIA - Nyit-Nyit & Brasken traditional Indonesian healthy beverages. 


TRI SAFE - Insect Reppelent Technology. Kills biting dust mites & fleas. Eliminate odour causing bacteria.