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Hidden Paradise Jakarta - Outdoor Event Venue


Secret Soul Getaway Through The Nature


Hidden Paradise is a one-of-a-kind venue in south of Jakarta, perfect for extraordinary Weddings, Gathering, Meeting, Party & Any other occasions. The atmosphere is exotic, ethnic and fresh.


Whether you want a Outdoor corporate meeting, Garden party, Birthday party, Pre-wedding photo session, Gala dinner , Corporate gathering or even Team building, you can have it any way you want it. Hidden Paradise Jakarta is designed specially to meet your preferences and let you have the event of your dreams. A memorable experience.

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INFO WhatsApp : 0812 9701 1003

INFO WhatsApp : 0812 9701 1003

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Hidden Paradise Jakarta 
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Acara pernikahan disini tempatnya sangat nyaman dg pemandangan alami yg indah dipandang mata, tdk nyesel de buat acara apapun disini tdk usa jauh2 mencari tempat yg indah ternyata ada ditengah kota daerah pdk cabe 👍.  - Musfaini Dahlia -

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